inteative productions is run by musician and sound engineer Marvin Glockner who, at just 19 years of age, entered the international music business as a professional producer. After working for producer Tobias Kassuehlke, Glockner founded inteative productions in 2008 along with his first own recording studio in Rostock, Germany.

Teaming up with top 10 artist Sebastian Haemer ( in September 2008 and working on the follow-up album of his debut “Der Fliegende Mann” (3p) catapulted inteative productions within the blink of an eye into the professional music world and opened up the doors of radio, TV, concert halls and partnerships within the music industry...

The word “inteative” comprises of a combination of “intelligent” and “creative” and describes our most genuine of desires. We want to fuse virtues, connect the poles - so that our work would be like a bridge with arches on multiple banks.
In our contemporary radio landscape we often find excellent audio work on loveless composition; elegant word play and rhymes that serve as an excuse for otherwise trivial content; breathtaking compositions, marred by the crackle and hiss from old times.
Our goal is to fuse virtues. We seek to reconcile the current antagonism between the terms “suitable for mass media” and “sophisticated” in our musical landscape so that music would be seen and heard as art, a medium of emotional and mental expression, capable of leaving an indelible imprint on the memories and minds of whole generations, far deeper than mere words could ever achieve.

...June 2010: The song “Wir Glauben An Euch” was chosen by Mercedes Benz and the German Football Association (dfb) for their World Cup Football campaign 2010 "Der vierte Stern fuer Deutschland". Glockner, also playing keyboards and pc-guitar for Haemer on tour, now at 24 years of age, looks back at an overwhelming music industry and media experience.

Glockner featured on TV shows at ARD, ZDF, SAT1, RTL2, Pro7, NDR, numerous live radio gigs and festivals and performed live on stage to an audience of 500,000 and up to 3.8 million via television. Collaborating with producer and audio engenius Ray Finkenberger-Lewin becomes a further valuable and instructive experience for Glockner and leads to endorsement deals with Steinberg, Kawai and K&M. Furthermore the Sebastian Haemer Band will represent Mecklenburg West Pomerania at the Stefan Raab show for the Bundesvision Song contest in October 2010 with the song “is schon ok”, another recent credit to Glockner's latest album production...

...September 2011; time is flying by as the Bundesvision Song Contest was already a year ago and new roads lead to new worlds. After collaborating with the Northern German Philharmonic on a children's aid project of the "Aktion Mensch", inteative productions produced the music of the new Smart electric drive for Mercedes Benz at the IAA in Frankfurt and worked together with legends such as Hans Steingen, Andree Verleger, abc eventproduction and Oliver Schrott Kommunikation to produce a breathtaking show. Furthermore, the company's international contacts have intensified in such a way that inteative productions will move its headquarters to Madrid, the Spanish capital, by November 11th, to open up new business ventures and opportunities..."

...August 2013: Thank you Chrisopher Cuhls (!!! While in Spain at the peak of the economic crisis the internationals leave the country and all branches of the industry are cutting down their budgets, freezing investions and canceling projects; a friend with the perfect combination of social skills and expertise, whose word counts and who doesn't leave out an opportunity to rave about us, is like an unexpected Latte Macchiato that someone brings during the studio night shift of life. His engagement to invest in young entrepreneurs, to trust and afford opportunities is example and inspiration to us. Alongside further magnificent projects with OSK, spotentwicklung°, Altadona and pro event life-communication, the finishing of the Album of Mirrors Frequency comes to an end. The european-american Elektro-Rock-group, after in May becoming the fastest-signed band in the history of Warner Music, was given green light to conquer the world. We stay sceptical anyways. As is generally known promises of the pop business are to reality like the weather forecast to the hardness of the breakfast egg...